Insurance Facilities

Making a move involves many unknown risks. To cover and protect against these risks, We offers a comprehensive insurance service to ensure the safety of your consignment. We help in insuring your goods, which will cover your goods up to its destination. We offer reliable insurance services including both transit insurance as well as comprehensive insurance to prevent losses to our clients in case of unforeseen factors like accidents, fire, sabotage, riots etc that can result in damages to the goods. This further builds up our client’s trust in us.

We basically furnish below types of Insurance:

  1. Transportation Insurance: This Insurance is acquired for the simple purpose of recovering the cost of damage caused during transit of goods from one         destination to another.
  2. Comprehensive Insurance: Second category is an overall Insurance of items for any type of damage or loss during loading, packing, unloading, transit etc.
  3. Storage Insurance: This group of Insurance is categorically aimed for the losses occurred while the storage or warehousing of goods.

We shall undertake the insurance (transit and all risk) also on your behalf to save your precious time. It will be done in your close association leaving nothing to chance.

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